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How to Build a Loyal SoundCloud Following


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Praverb recently spoke with 18 SoundCloud users at various stages in their musical careers asking for “one tip for building a loyal SoundCloud following." Predominant themes include being genuine, linking all your social media accounts, connecting with reposters, sharing in groups and the classic advice to make great music. Below are 5 top tips for building a loyal SoundCloud following.

Praverb's 18 Tips cover a lot of ground from a bunch of artists. Here are 5 of my favorites:


“Make good music. A lot of people spend all their time trying to figure out promotional strategies when the issue is the fact that their music isn’t very good. Take the time to work on your craft. I spent 5 years making beats before I even released 1 song. I swear if some of these dudes spent as much time working on emceeing/beatmaking as they do making Facebook statuses/Soundcloud comments/etc the music would promote itself."

KBee Original

“Treat it like a community… don’t just upload your music and sit back. Browse through the other users with the same tags as you or same groups you are in. Find people who you like the sound of and comment on their work and like etc."

Cor Stidak

“I think what helped me was ‘strategic’ collabs, high output and projects that received a little blog love."


“Find artists with a similar style, find a song of theirs that has a lot of plays and search through the Reposts to find music channels/influential reposters who might want to post your music."

Keor Meteor

“All i can say is be nice follow the people you like, comment on the tracks you like and never never never say hey could you listen to my tracks lol."

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