Hi-Bred Productions New, 2010 Singles Releases, Includes Chris Tarry


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We are very pleased to announce that distribution of Hi-Bred Productions' three new, 2010 singles was completed Thursday, Jan. 21.

Two of the three singles feature B- sides. The titles are Wake Up Call (Single), with 4 a.m. and 96 Heart Beats Per Minute, Cycle Plus One (Single), featuring three-time Juno Award winner Chris Tarry, and Simulacrum (Single), with The Far Groove and The Theme (Virtue).

All of the songs are expected to go live in digital music markets no later than Friday, March 5. By the week of Jan. 25, some of our stores will be carrying the music. And in no more than two weeks, many online markets will have taken our music live. By the latest live date, we will be online at iTunes. And then, you will see a button to “Visit the (iTunes) Store" displaying beneath the art-work in our “Band Members" section at our MySpace page. Although, you might see Buy Links in our MySpace Music Player before that!

Where will you be able to find us? A list of some of our carriers:

  1. iTunes (US, UK and for selected releases: Japan, Canada or Australia)
  2. Shockhound.com, launched by Hot Topic
  3. Rhapsody.com, an MTV affiliate. Great to stream, download or create playlists.
  4. Lala.com
And that is just a few!



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