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Half Note Announces A New Release From Lee Konitz, Enfants Terribles, Featuring Bill Frisell, Gary Peacock, Joey Baron


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Available In Stores And Online September 25, 2012

Enfants Terribles features four veteran jazzmen whose collective efforts on stage and in the studio span decades. Together they are saxophonist Lee Konitz, guitarist Bill Frisell, bassist Gary Peacock and drummer Joey Baron. Individually, each boasts a distinguished career path and network of associations representing jazzʼs wide range of stylistic directions. (Konitz alone began professionally in 1945.)

Recorded live at the Blue Note, Enfants Terribles finds the group surveying tunes well-known to the jazz community, standards played and re-imagined throughout the years—"Body & Soul," “I Canʼt Get Started," “What Is This Thing Called Love" and “Stella By Starlight," among others. Though the repertoire is familiar, the renderings are new, a function of the collaborative spirit and interplay among these particular musicians. Their union evinces a strong sense of togetherness—the sum effect of a four-way exchange shaping artful creation.



  1. What Is This Thing Called Love
  2. Body and Soul
  3. Stella By Starlight
  4. Iʼll Remember April
  5. I Remember You
  6. I Canʼt Get Started



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