Guitarist Peter Douskalis Debut Solo Releases "The Dance of the Sea"


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Peter Douskalis - The Dance of the Sea (Shenandoah, 2009)

Now on sale at: amazon.com, CDBaby.com, and Guitar Nine Records

“While he is a melodic player, Douskalis sometimes emulates an orchestra and pulls it off. Melody, harmony, bass lines all interact logically, sometimes making it sound as if more than one guitarist is on the CD." - Scott Yanow, Los Angeles Jazz Scene (May 15, 2010)

“Somehow Peter's guitar reaches out and touches your soul. The music caresses you like a lover's hand, and your troubles just seem to melt away...The Dance of The Sea is something different for the music lovers ears. Its an album of beautiful sounds some new and some familiar. Its an album to be treasured and savored and shared with other music loving friends. One listen and you'll be entranced." - Andrea Guy, Mossip (Dec 14, 2009)

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