German Publisher Advance Music Releases Exploration in Rhythm by Ed Saindon


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German music publisher Advance Music has just released Exploration in Rhythm, Volume 1, Rhythmic Phrasing in Improvisation by Ed Saindon. This is the first book of a series (for all instruments) dealing with advanced rhythmic concepts for the improvisor and composer. Saindon is a Professor at Berklee College of Music in Boston where he has been teaching since 1976 and has developed the concepts addressed in the book through his jazz improvisation course at the college. Exploration in Rhythm, Rhythmic Phrasing in Improvisation will develop and expand the rhythmic palette and vocabulary of the jazz improviser and composer. The book specifically addresses the concept of over-the-bar line phrasing via rhythmic groupings of 8ths, triplets, 16ths and polyrhythms in 3/4, 4/4, and 5/4. Working on these concepts, players should begin to “hear" rhythms that “float over the barline" as well as develop the ability to execute phrases over longer periods of time. The end result will be a sonic erasing of the bar line and an enhanced sense of freedom with regard to rhythm and phrasing.

“Finally, a comprehensive and organized approach to getting out of the eighth note rut - valuable advice from Ed Saindon on how to vary one's rhythmic approach." - David Liebman, saxist, educator, author, composer

“Ed Saindon gives us a new book, Explorations in Rhythm, containing tons of useful information and great ideas to work on. This is a great resource for enhancing one's rhythmic facility and expression, something that gets overlooked all too often. In the search for personal expression, this new book is an additional way for the practicer to further his or herself." - Dave Douglas, trumpeter, composer, Greenleaf Music

Ed Saindon's new book provides all the essentials for a contemporary rhythmic tool box. A “must have" for the modern improviser. It puts the “mmmm" in rhythm. - Hal Crook, trombonist, educator, author, composer

For more information, contact Advance Music at mail@advancemusic.com.

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