Gene Ess, Harvie S, TaKe Toriyama, and Mika Pohjola @ Freddy's Backroom 4/22/06 10PM


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Gene Ess Quartet featuring Mika Pohjola, Harvie S, and TaKe Toriyama performing at Freddy's Backroom, Brooklyn - April 22, 2006 10PM

A rare combination of facility and emotion drives Sandbox and Sanctum with energy and unrelenting genius of composition. Ess has put together a fascinating Quartet featuring Mika Pohjola (piano), TaKe Toriyama (drums), and Harvie S (bass). Ess's out of the box, hard driving, modern guitar lines create a release filled with depth and angular colors. Sandbox and Sanctum is a release for the hard-core listener that expects superior musicianship and cerebral interaction. Ess has caught the eye of some of the best in the business, appearing with A-list players at each of his events.

H. Allen Williams of Jazzreview describes Ess's latest release. “Throughout Sandbox and Sanctum, Ess displays a unique approach to the guitar. Ess's use of thoughtful voicings and eloquently chromatic lines definitely grow out of the rich soil of the likes of John Coltrane and the post be-bop era. Ess is a highly recommended guitarist to keep an eye and ear on for the future of jazz guitar."

Join Gene Ess (guitar) and his quartet: Mika Pohjola - piano, Harvie S - bass, Take Toriyama - drums.

April 22, 2006 @ 10PM No cover

Freddy's Bar & BACKROOM
485 Dean St. @ 6th Ave.
Brooklyn, NY 11217
(718) 622-7035

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