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From The Magical Days With Ray Charles, To The Unfolding Of Gentle Music For Healing – Enchanting Collaborations By David Hoffman And Paul Adams


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Asheville, NC: David Hoffman spent 13 years touring the world as Ray Charles trumpet soloist and arranger. From his dizzying experiences performing for the most prestigious a audiences in the world, he has toned the music down a bit for those looking for a place of peace. Paul Adams has made a career building instruments for some very well known musicians, he's composed 7 critically acclaimed albums, he's a writer and poet, and plays a vast array of exotic instruments. Paul and David's newest venture are two albums for those in need of healing. Paul's album SLEEP was recorded for gentle spirited man dealing with Parkinson,s Disease, and sleepless nights. SLEEP will be discounted for qualified Hospice Care and others in the Helping Profession. “I created slow dreamy songs using Native American Flutes and the sounds of Nature. I then sent them to my friend with Parkinson's who offered feedback on each tune. He and his wife really had a good feel for what was right.”

David Hoffman's new album THE TREE was composed for his wife Julia and her battle with Cancer. “Music has so much to offer,” says Adams. The mind is very powerful, and with music can be an influential force on the path toward health”. More and more the medical professionals are embracing the magic involved in music. Oliver Sacks, the Neurologist and Author of the movie AWAKANINGS staring Robert De Niro, and Robin Williams, authored a book entitled MUSICOPHELIA, in which he describes the miraculous power of music on Neuropathways in the brain (The Alzheimer patient not recognizing loved ones, yet their ability to play the first song ever learned on the piano. The stutterer's difficulty communicating, yet singing lyrics with no mistake. The patient with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder using the calming effects of music to learn calm, clarity, and safety. The examples are endless.

Throughout their career, their albums have gathered international acclaim in many different areas such as World Fusion, New Age, Ambient, Jazz, and Native American. Both Adams and Hoffman's music can be heard world wide on Satellite Networks like Sirius, as well as Terrestrial and Internet Radio. Hoffman's album CALMNESS OF SPIRIT was voted album of the year by the INDEPENDENT MUSIC ASSOCIATION last year.

Some music professionals were dubious about Adams title SLEEP. They felt Radio might be afraid to use it. However other albums of his in a similar vein such as HEAVENS, and FLUTE MEDITATIONS FOR DREAMING CLOUDS, have been getting heavy rotation on Satellite networks throughout the world. “SLEEP is something I hope will be helpful for people in need. However, we didn't want the albums to be purely clinical. We both tried to keep the them artistically interesting as well. We've heard a few albums in this genre that didn't scratch our artistic itch. It was important to create a marriage of artistic depth and safe Serenity and healing.”

Along with these two new albums, Adams and Hoffman have created a website called A PLACE OF PEACE where people can go to listen to beautiful healing and enrapturing music, video's, and read various articles and poems specifically written for those seeking accompaniment down the path of health.

Besides his experience in music and the arts, Adams has worked in the Mental Health Field 30 years and teaches professionals how to use music in the therapeutic practice. “I've always wished there was a place to go where one can just sit down and be soothed, reassured, rested, and content. The use of nature in Video and Music is a very organic way to align ones self with the earth, and receive a sense of “Connection” that is needed to feel alive, safe, and rested. Both SLEEP and THE TREE are available worldwide through his web site as well as Amazon, CD Baby, iTunes, eMusic etc.

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