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First Annual Warwick Valley Jazz Festival Set for August 26-29, 2010


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The first annual Warwick Jazz Festival will be in the late summer of 2010 in the village of Warwick NY, August 26 - 29

This event, conceived and produced by local jazz musician Steve Rubin, in cooperation with the village of Warwick and local business will be an extension of a vibrant local jazz culture in the village.

Warwick and nearby area is home to many jazz musicians including, but not limited to; Mark Egan, Jeff Ciampa, Bob Rosen, Richard Kimball, Dave Smith, Mike Jackson, Steve Rubin, John Werking, John Arbo, Joe Vincent Tranchina, Gabriele Tranchina, Chris Persad and James Emery.

George Nitti, through Baby Grand Productions, helped lead the way featuring many of the aformentioned artists in music series at Baby Grand Books. George continues to promote and support the jazz community.

The Dautaj Restaurant on Oakland Ave is dynamic in its weekly support of jazz by hiring local artists. Ray Townley on their behalf has helped shape interest in jazz, bringing together local talent. Other local venues including Coquito, which has featured top artists such as Dave Valentine in their music series, The Peach Grove Inn, The Grappa and the Village of Warwick are all regular participants in this developing scene.

The Tuscan Cafe on South St. a great supporting venue of live music intends to participate in the festival. The purpose of this event is to pull together these working entities under one collective umbrella, The Warwick Valley Jazz Festival. In addition to its direct effect on artists by hiring them, it synthesizes the tourism, local business and community interests.

The success of the festival can have a broad positive effect on the community by heightening awareness of this great American musical art form and celebrating Warwicks diverse and beautiful environment as an attractive destination in NY State.

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