Exclusive interview to Anna Maria Jopek. The Polish singer performed with Pat Metheny recording a great album...


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Anna Maria Jopek is a Polish musician strongly connected to the music of her country but highly influenced by sounds, harmonies, rhythms that come from the jazz world. She has increased her popularity also through a very good album recorded together with Pat Metheny (Upojenie). In this album Anna Maria performs several completely rearranged songs composed by the famous guitar player. She sings them in Polish language providing a new extremely involving aspect. On the other side, on this album Metheny, is particularly inspired also when he plays on songs composed by other authors, i.e. the title track, where the way Pat starts the solo, moving the harmony of half a tone forward, brands the piece with his unmistakable trademark making it a little masterpiece....

“Just thirty seconds of Anna's tune belong to the most beautiful music I've heard in months" - Pat Metheny

AAJ Article: Anna Maria Jopek: Sepia on Blond

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