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Download three free MP3s from tenor saxophonist Bob Brough's latest release Time Away, as well as two downloads from previous releases A Decade Of Favorites and Like A Spring Day.


Traneian Blue
The Bob Brough Quartet
Time Away
The Bob Brough Quartet
A Decade Of Favorites
The Bob Brough Quartet with Carol McCartney
Like A Spring Day

About Bob Brough

Bob Brough was hot, hot, hot back in 1982, with the trio Timewarp, on the CD Time Warp when it was given a Juno nomination.

And Bob was hot, hot, hot back in 2003 with Richard Underhill's Quintet on the CD Tales from the Blue Lounge, when Richard’s CD won a Juno-award.

Now, in 2008 Bob is hot, hot, hot following a 3-year-long adventure with the most recent version of The Bob Brough Quartet which has culminated in the release of a new CD, Time Away, celebrated officially at the Rex Jazz and Blues Bar on November 7, 2008.

At the CD-release engagement, Bob Brough on tenor saxophone, Adrean Farrugia on piano, Artie Roth on bass, and Terry Clarke on drums, played two rousing sets comprised of jazz standards and original compositions by Bob or Adrean. Impeccable cohesiveness was the order of the evening as the 4 dynamic musicians moved as one through incredibly speedy and difficult improvised passages. The Quartet ended the evening with an audience calling for more and none the least unaware of the unstoppable nature of the energy in this fiery ensemble; nor of the up-beat determination of Bob Brough.

Born in 1948 in Toronto, at 14 Bob was handed a baritone saxophone, his first musical instrument, in high school. Within days, his artistic vision was born “to make music and be heard."

Bob is “The Senator" of Globe & Mail jazz critic Mark Miller's book Boogie, Pete, and The Senator, published by Nightwood Editions in 1987.

Studies: woodwind performance, harmony, and arranging with Paul Brodie and Gordon Delamont mid to late 1960s. Followed into the mid-seventies by private flute lessons. In 2001, he was invited to a short-term residency in jazz performance at the Banff Centre For the Arts.

Performer: Bob is best known as a tenorman who has appeared over the years with various rock, jazz, and classical artists and has recorded as a sideman on many recordings including two Juno-nominated CDs with Time Warp during the 1980's. More recently recorded examples of particular note are his solo and ensemble performances on tenor saxophone on Richard Underhill's 2003 Juno-award winning CD Tales from the Blue Lounge.

Composer/Arranger/Bandleader/Producer: November 2003, Bob produced and released his debut instrumental CD A Decade Of Favorites. Its best charting achievement was at #1 on the National Canadian campus jazz charts “ChartAttack" and “Earshot." May 2005, he released a vocal CD Like A Spring Day featuring nine of his own compositions with lyrics written by Sonja Tran and sung by Carol McCartney. Best charting achievement was #1 on the National Canadian campus jazz charts “ChartAttack" and “Earshot." November 2008, will see the release of another instrumental CD Time Away featuring seven of his compositions plus one composition by Adrean Farrugia. All performed with sidemen Adrean Farrugia on piano, Artie Roth on bass, and Terry Clarke on drums.

...46 years later, Bob's original artistic vision, “to make music and be heard," continues.

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