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Don't Ignore Your Email List, Say Fan Engagement Experts


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First they told you to build your fanbase on Facebook.  Then Facebook changed its timeline rules.  Next they told you to engage on Twitter. But its hard to get noticed in a stream of continuous updates and their user growth is slowing.  While social media is still essential, it turns out that good old fashioned email may still be the best way to engage a fanbase.

Kevin Kiernan of rGenerator, a direct to fan agency with clients that include Sony Music, reminds that email provides better analytics and the artist owns the data. Nor do they have to pay Facebook or anyone else for positioning.  Most importanly, email is more likely to lead to a transaction. Where as social media is more about quick burts of info.

“We don’t count on Facebook and Twitter to create commerce”, says Kiernan. “But rather to drive people into the funnel, ultimately to drive them to email. People still trust email for hearing about and doing business. They use the other channels for community, but when it comes to buying things they want a little more focus, and you get that from email”. 

Here his entire talk at the UK's Great Escape via CMU on Soundcloud here.

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