Domenico+2 + Orquestra Imperial= 3 BIG SHOWS


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The members of DOMENICO+2 will play a show at the Museum of Contemporary Art Chicago and also as part of the Brazilian All-Star big band ORQUESTRA IMPERIAL at The World Music Festival Chicago in September. The Orquestra will play its first U.S. show just prior to the Festival on September 17th on the campus of Montclair State University.

What started out as a sentimental curiosity has become the most popular weekly live show in Brazil. Infusing traditional Brazilian love songs with “something extra" was an idea the members of Domenico+2 shared with some of their friends in the Carioca (Rio) music scene. When the Plus 2's (percussionist Domenico Lancelotti, singer/composer Moreno Veloso and producer Alexandre Kassin) first assembled a group to play an informal gig that combined contemporary styles with those of the old guard back in 2002, the idea crystallized. With musicians of every popular style contributing to the big band sound, the Orquestra Imperial was formed.

Moving from their rehearsal space to a small club, the Orquestra was well received by a modest turnout of fans at their first few weekend shows. As word-of-mouth spread that masters of Brazilian music were revitalizing classic sounds at the Orquestra Imperial shows, audiences quickly filled the club to capacity to listen and dance to bossa nova, salsa, samba and every popular groove in between. Within a year, the flood of people coming to the weekly gigs required a change of venue. After moving their shows to a larger space, The Orquestra Imperial continued to play to packed houses for 2 years. The group recently completed another month-long residency that sold out the 3,500-person venue each week. In September, the 20-piece Orquestra makes its U.S. debut.

The first of two shows will be an inaugural performance at the amphitheater of the new Kasser Theater on the Montclair State University campus in New Jersey on September 17th. Then, on September 20th, the Big Band will play the World Music Festival in Chicago at the Frank Ghery designed Millennium Park.

Domenico +2 will play in support of their most recent release 'Sincerely Hot' at the Museum of Contemporary Art Chicago on September 19th as part of the Festival. Their show leads into the October opening of the exhibit Tropicalia: A Parallel Modernity in Brazil.

In addition to The Plus 2's, the Orquestra counts the legendary Wilson das Neves, Rodrigo Amarante of Los Hermanos, singer Thalma de Freitas, and Nelson Jacobina among its 20 members from the Carioca scene who will be visiting the U.S.

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