Doc Severinsen: Got His Destino


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Doc Severinsen releases new “American-made" Destino.

Completing the play-testing of the first eight B-flat trumpets, Doc Severinsen announced the release of his “American-made" Destino B-flat and C trumpets.

Doc Severinsen proclaimed, “I wanted to be sure that we would be able to maintain the quality we have established over the last year and I am happy to say we have."

Doc's dream has always been to have a trumpet made by trumpet players for trumpet players, and to offer that trumpet at an affordable price. “The European manufacturing costs along with the devaluation of the US dollar, shipping difficulties, import duties, etc...were forcing me to raise prices beyond where most trumpet players would be able to afford it," said Severinsen. “I had to find another solution."

“In addition, we now are totally and quickly accessible to Zig Kanstul's factory which makes it possible to do research and development on a daily basis, and to maintain quality control."

Doc will continue to play-test each Destino. “As in the past, I will be playing each horn for an in-depth testing analysis to ensure that each horn is what I intended it to be."

With access to the Kanstul factory and Zig himself, Doc will now be able to continually move ahead in testing new ideas, developing and releasing new products.

“There will no longer be a German-made Destino," Severinsen added, “but I would like to thank Franz Straub for his participation and friendship over the past couple of years.

Doc made one final observation: “You never stay in one place - you either move ahead or you slide backwards - which will it be? And in the words of the master, Bud Herseth, PRACTICE."

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