Dig the Improv of Stryker Slagle on Freedom Jazz Dance


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This Sunday from 5-7 PM
5 - 7 PM Sunday
WDCE 90.1 FM
Listen via streamcast at www.wdce.org
804-289-UR90 Studio

Get in the groove with Freedom Jazz Dance, modern jazz from bebop to freebop and beyond, this Sunday on 90.1 FM WDCE, live from the beautiful campus of the University of Richmond.

This week I'll be featuring some superb cuts from one duo that deserves a lot more exposure, saxophonist Steve Slagle and guitarist Dave Stryker, two seriously hip improvisers. Also, I'll be spinning platters from Chico Hamilton, Brew Moore and some crazy Caribbean jazz from the U.K in the 60s (as opposed to U.K. jazz from the Caribbean in the 70s). No matter, it'll all make sense and it'll swing this Sunday on Freedom Jazz Dance.

Feel free to call in at 804-289-UR90 to give your trash-or-treasure vote during my notorious Records From Aunt Ruth segment and compare jazz compositions during the FJD exclusive Two Of A Kind segment.

Visit the Freedom Jazz Dance website today. The most recent FJD is uploaded in its entirety with prime cuts from British tenor saxophonist Tubby Hayes, Virginia drummer Jae Sinnett and a startling Records From Aunt Ruth entry by French multi-instrumentalist Francois Jeanneau. Just double click on the radio blog file and two hours of your work day will fly by. I'd love to hear your take on new releases, cool gigs and your favorite players. So blog away! I know you gotta' create a free Google account to post a blog, but hey, it's worth every penny.


Ken Hohman
Freedom Jazz Dance Host

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