Dick Nash Receives 2008 ITA Award


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Dick Nash
The ITA Board of Directors, Board of Advisors and Council of Past Presidents have voted Dick Nash, legendary trombonist of the Los Angeles recording industry, to receive the 2008 ITA Award.

Since his 1953 arrival to Los Angeles, he has been featured in countless recordings with artists that include Henry Mancini, Frank Sinatra, Mel Torme, Nat “King" Cole, Harry James, Ella Fitzgerald, Stan Kenton, Oscar Peterson, Miles Davis, Lena Horne and Jean-Pierre Rampal, to name just a few! In addition he has more than 3200 film and television score recordings to his credit. In 2005, he was honored at the 33rd Annual New York Brass Conference.

His beautiful ballad trombone playing has been a model for untold trombonists around the world for many years. Celebrating his 80th birthday this year, appropriate recognition for the distinguished career of this trombone giant is long overdue.

George Roberts, “Mr. Bass Trombone," said, “I'm thrilled to hear that Dick Nash will be receiving the ITA Award. Dick has been my idol for over 50 years, and he deserves the highest award that he can get!"

Bass trombonist Michael Millar, whose upcoming book (with co-author Malcolm McNab) features interviews with Dick Nash and numerous Los Angeles players, said, “Dick Nash is a hero to all of the musicians in Los Angeles. Every player I interviewed spoke about Dick Nash."

Other Comments from Los Angeles

Alan Kaplan: “Dick Nash epitomizes what being a studio trombonist is all about. He can do anything. And it's distinctive; you can always tell when it's Dick Nash."

Phil Teele: “Dick Nash is a gentleman, a professional, and a true artist of the trombone. He made my career by getting me in the door at Fox. Dick has been such an important influence to me - he taught me everything I know."

Alex Iles: “Dick Nash was the first trombonist many of us ever heard. His playing and musicianship are beyond category. In fact, he created his own category. The only thing that can outshine Dick Nash the player is Dick Nash the person."

Bill Reichenbach: “One of my very first experiences in the film recording business was at Universal Studios working for Billy May, sitting between Phil Teele and Dick Nash. Through the years I have had the privilege to watch and hear Dick perform under the gaze of various composers and arrangers. Dick Nash remains one of the true giants on this instrument."

Charlie Loper: “I'll never forget my very first date in town: Lloyd Ulyate, Joe Howard and Dick Nash were there. A dream come true! Dick Nash had a solo, and he gave it to me to see what I could do. He let me be heard right away."

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