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Dean Brown releases ear-training app for Apple iPad/iPhone


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Dean Brown has released an iPhone/iPad app called “Pickup Tunes."

Dean says: “There are two versions available: Pickup Tunes Free (This is an introduction to the game that is basically the first few levels of the full game) and Pickup Tunes (the full version which has five stages and includes the “Final Challenge"). The idea was to base a game on the ear training techniques that I use in teaching. We developed it to look and feel more like a game than an academic exercise. With all the budget cuts affecting education and the arts, I wanted to offer young people an affordable, fun way to improve their ears, which will get them interested in music and make them better listeners and therefore better players. This game is for musicians of all levels and non-musicians as well."

“We would love for you to check Pickup Tunes out by going to our website. If you like it, please tell your friends about the game and join our Facebook page so that you can follow other players' progress. You will also be able to get a few tips from me on playing Pickup Tunes and music in general."

“And..." adds Dean, “This is only the beginning... We are busy developing a series of apps that will make music education fun and accessible for everyone!"

Check out Pickup Tunes today, and have fun while you improve your ears!

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