David Weiss Quintet at the Rubin Museum This Friday


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The Rubin Museum
David Weiss Quintet
David Weiss- Trumpet
J.D. Allen- Tenor Sax
Orrin Evans- Piano
Luques Curtis- Bass
Rudy Royston- Drums

Friday, May 4
7-9 pm
Rubin Museum of Art
150 West 17th Street (just east of Seventh Avenue)

What the critics are saying.....

“Now with The Mirror, he demonstrates that Breathing Room was no fluke as he serves up a programme marking him as one of the more cerebral yet visceral writers to arise in recent years. With an album that is heady in both senses of the word-intelligent and exhilarating-Weiss emerges as one of the finest artists to mine the post bop arena, with an ability to develop longer-form composition that is clearly indebted to Wayne Shorter. Not since Dave Douglas rose to prominence in the mid-'90s has a trumpet player come along with such a perfect combination of technical prowess, unerring instinct for captivating melody, harmony and counterpoint, and sheer emotional force. A masterpiece by any definition, The Mirror deserves a place high in most listeners' top ten lists for '04 for its ability to engage more than just the ears; Weiss' compositions are remarkably visual as well". -John Kelman All About Jazz

“The compositions and especially the colourful, warm, often pedal-point punctuated arrangements show how rapidly Weiss is maturing. His writing may well be initially inspired by what Wayne Shorter was doing for Miles in the mid '60s, but it is totally contemporary in its expansion of that era's unfinished business. And his two scores for the larger line-up are exceptional. The emotional depth of the scoring and the solos make it really something special. So is the whole album. Watch for Weiss. He's a major new talent. One of my 2004 Top Three CDs". -Tony Hall JazzWise Magazine

'Weiss writes tunes with evocative melodic ambivalence and veering surprises and hovering pedal points and metrical asymmetry, all qualities associated with the sensibility that Wayne Shorter brought to jazz. But Weiss does not repeat it, he expands upon it" -Thomas Conrad Downbeat Magazine

“Wayne Shorter's influence may be apparent in the charts and Freddie Hubbard's in the playing, but Weiss' craftsmanship and individuality in both areas lift his music out of retrograde movement. It is an indicator of his skill that his five compositions complement the Shorter compositions on the album. Weiss' writing suggests that a major composer/arranger may be developing"

-Doug Ramsey Jazz Times Magazine

“Rather than re-creating the music of the artists he respects, as, say, The Lincoln Center Jazz Orchestra does, Weiss combines the hard-bop vocabulary he loves with his own ideas for an updating of the music. With too few small groups working from tightly arranged music, not to mention from new difficult-to-play compositions, Weiss' sextet deserves attention for the opportunity to enjoy too-seldom-heard musicians who have matured musically ahead of their time. As did the earlier generation of musicians they revere". -Don Williamson 52nd Street Jazz

“Weiss has everything that makes a jazz trumpeter great: a full-bodied sound, a complete command of the instrument, a thorough knowledge of the tradition and an intelligent application of those talents. He may be lesser known of the current trumpet kings, but this splendid recording will change that".

-Eugene Holley Jr. JazzUSA

“The influence of Wayne Shorter looms large over Breathing Room both in composition and execution. Weiss borrows from the Shorter muse with haunting themes, deceptive intros and tough playing, but he is far too restless an artist to settle for imitation. His own compositions like “Breathing Room" and “Dark Forces" deliver intelligently paced, emotionally charged hard bop that stands shoulder-to-shoulder with Shorter gems like “Armageddon" and “Those Who Sit And Wait." -Ken Hohman All About Jazz

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