Cynthia Basinet Uncovered


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Cynthia Basinet
Los Angeles, CA - Actress and singing sensation, Cynthia Basinet, knows a thing or two about show business and romance. Her passion-filled music could take audiences to heaven and back on a clear moonlit night.

Basinet is an ex-Ford supermodel, a mother, an activist, was partnered with a high profile actor in Hollywood, is a Nobel Peace Prize nominated humanitarian, a pioneer and entrepreneur of internet music distribution and has a sultry iconic jazz blues voice that is regularly mistaken for being vintage Marilyn Monroe.

Cynthia Basinet is living proof that when you've got it, you've just got it, as she has limitless amounts of talent and chutzpah!

We arranged to meet in Pinkberry to grab some peppy vitamin 'C' and to meet with her in person you quickly discover that she's kind of a hybrid of smart & sexy; funny & quirky; discerning & playful; colorful & vibrant and alluring & wise. She's like her music - emotionally raw and rather thrilling too.

Other stars seem to think so as well. Heidi Klum, Kylie Minogue and The Pussycat Dolls all have covered her hit version of the Christmas classic, SANTA BABY, a staple hit worldwide for Basinet for a decade now.

The song was Basinet's Christmas card gift to “a famous actor whose movie comes out at Christmas." As “C's" muse, he once occupied her heart and attention momentarily to inspire one of her greatest songs to date.

She delicately spoons pomegranate pips across her full singer's lips, without once uttering his name. Her silence is bittersweet, luscious and pithy resting on her tongue. I admire her poise instantly. “C" is one classy lady.

Of her voice and golden ability to connect her vocal arrangements poignantly to the substance of a song's lyrical essence, leading jazz critics have said these iconic things of Basinet: “Her midnight blue voice can conjure up black and white images of ill-fated romance. Set to a crestfallen piano backdrop, [she] expresses deep-seated feelings of love lost; the heartbreaking ache in her vocals reveal real, honest pain."

The accolades go on: “For Cynthia Basinet, her voice itself is an instrument; in terms of emotional power, it's a lethal weapon. Sensual, emotionally damaged and world-weary, Basinet's vocals have the makings of a film noir femme fatale." allaboutjazz

In UNCOVERED, her latest cd of exquisite recordings, Cynthia Basinet is more rawer and real then ever! Her rendition of BLUE MOON makes time stand still. LA's The Place Magazine takes you up close and personal with the star in a special one on one interview. Indeed, we give you Cynthia Basinet UNCOVERED. Enjoy!

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