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Cloud Ludum Presents Karlheinz Stockhausen’s Work “zodiac” Arranged For Chamber Jazz Ensemble


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October 27 (Saturday) 8:15 pm
Outpost 186
186 ½ Hampshire Street (Inman Square), Cambridge

“Zodiac” is a cycle of 12 tone-row pieces each representing a zodiac sign. Probably it is one of the most popular Markus Stockhausen’s compositions. Originally these pieces were written for music boxes but composer arranged them later for various vocal and instrumental ensembles. Due to this initial “openness” for multiple interpretations the composition presents a very inspiring material for a chamber jazz ensemble.

Performance of “Zodiac” arranged for Cloud Ludum by Olga Karaseva will include different types of improvisation ranging from classical variation and blowing over jazz changes to riff based solo and free collective improvisation. It will be a non-stop performance, where one theme is leading to another. This format will allow the audience to experience intense emotional and intellectual journey through this XX century avaunt-garde composition.

Free admission. Donations are welcome.

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