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Classically Cannabis: The Colorado Symphony Demos a Future of Pot and Prosperity


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It's not just Snoop Dogg and Wiz Khalifa who could benefit from legal marijuana. Adding Willie Nelson to the list still doesn't do the topic justice. In fact, those acts are going to be at least mildly jealous when they hear about Classically Cannabis: The High Note Series. The Colorado Symphony's “Bring Your Own Cannabis" shows are yet another example of what haters of freedom have been denying us: pot and prosperity. Want to save the music industry? Legalize marijuana!

While the B-Classic festival in Belgium is busy “shaking that ass," The Colorado Symphony is demonstrating quite a bit of ingenuity with their marketing efforts and special events including:

Beethoven and Brews

The Colorado Symphony Ball: From Bach... to Rock! The Battle of the Bands

Beethoven and the Benz

Combining crowd-pleasing classics in unique pairings and contexts isn't unique to the Colorado Symphony but, given the current state of things in the USA, Classically Cannabis: The High Note Series probably is.

Benefiting from the currently legal but ultimately precarious status of recreational marijuana in much of Colorado, the Colorado Symphony is presenting a series of events in partnership with local cannabis companies:

“The concerts, organized by pro-pot promoter Edible Events, will start May 23 with three bring-your-own marijuana events at the Space Gallery in Denver's Santa Fe arts district and culminate with a large, outdoor performance at Red Rocks Amphitheatre on Sept. 13. The events are being billed as fundraisers for the CSO, which will curate a themed program of classical music for each show."

Colorado Symphony Orchestra Executive Director Jerry Kearn, who is credited with leading the “orchestra back from near collapse two seasons ago," stated:

“We see our future as being very dependent on our relationships in the corporate community...And this is a legal business in our state."

Additional nice touches are the inclusion of “exclusive menus from local food trucks" (research has shown that cannabis use improves appetite) and the following admonition:

“Due to the nature of the event, we encourage alternative modes of transportation."

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