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Clarinetist Pete Neighbour Releases "It's Alright With Me"


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Pete Neighbour
Pete Neighbour is proud to announce that his new album, It's Alright With Me is now available. It can be purchased directly from Pete, via his website, peteneighbour.com, at specialist music stores and track downloads, as well as the album itself, are available at digstation.com and cdbaby.com. The album is mainly material associated with the great Benny Goodman, although is most definitely not another “tribute" album! It was recorded with a wonderful rhythm section of Bert Ligon, (piano) Reggie Sullivan (bass) and Jim Hall (drums)--all master musicians closely involved with the music faculty at USC.

About Pete Neighbour

Pete Neighbours musical career began in primary school in London with violin lessons. After a very short while all parties--parents, teacher and pupil - agreed these were a musical disaster! Picking up the clarinet at around the age of twelve he found this to be far more to his liking and began to work his way steadily through the Associated Board grades reaching Grade 8 at the age of 16.

His love of jazz was nurtured from an early age and the complexities of improvisation became a challenge to be conquered... a challenge which excites him as much today as it did in those formative years.

He was lucky enough to meet fellow London clarinet virtuoso Julian Marc Stringle during his mid teens and they became firm friends and popular on the London jazz circuit with two clarinet interpretations of jazz classics. They still work together today when their respective hectic schedules allow.

Pete's love and mastery of jazz has enabled him to perform in a diverse stylistic range; from small group 1920's style music, through the swing era and into settings akin to the more modern clarinet masters such as Buddy de Franco and Eddie Daniels. Indeed, he takes great delight in playing in different musical settings as often as possible. In recent months he has made guest appearances with the British jazz legend Kenny Ball, and also performed Mozart in a recital aboard a luxury cruise liner.

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