Chinese Jazz Fusioners Sizhukong Interviewed at AAJ...And More!


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It is something of a paradox that the western world knows so relatively little about modern China, even as the awakening giant's influence in the world is increasing. With something like 10 million people migrating every year to China's cities, it seems inevitable that old musical traditions will find new voices once merged with influences such as electronic music, hip-hop, rock and jazz. Most likely, much experimentation is actually taking place among a population numbering 1.3 billion.

As yet, however, little if any interesting fusion of traditional Chinese music with jazz has announced itself to the outside world. Taiwanese sextet Sizhukong is pioneering a trail in the fusion of traditional Chinese music and jazz. The results are spectacular; imagine Weather Report jamming with Tito Puente, sculpting beautiful and unmistakably Chinese melodies.

AAJ's Far East correspondent, Ian Patterson, interviewed the members of this intrepid and original group recently, and you can read about how Chinese traditonalism and the American jazz tradition are finding a new and unique meeting place in his extensive interview, It Don't Mean a Thing if it Ain't Got That Oon, published today at AAJ.

You can also read Ian's insightful review of Sizhukong's most recent release, Paper Eagle (Sizhukong Records, 2009), also published today at AAJ.

AAJ is committed to bringing you the most exhaustive coverage surrounding artists and new releases from around the globe, so be sure to check out all the buzz about Sizhukong and Paper Eagle at AAJ today!

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