Charlie Hunter Goes for Harder Jazz Groove


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As a child, jazz guitarist Charlie Hunter lived in a hippie commune and traveled the country in a hippie bus.

But don't call him a hippie kid.

“I wasn't a hippie kid; I was a kid with a hippie mom," says Hunter, 42. “I have absolutely zero affinity for the culture. When you're a kid growing up in it, most of it's a pretty futile narcissistic endeavor.

“I see kids today who think they're hippies. I say 'You guys are the Pat Boones of hippiedom.' That scene was nasty, dirty and violent."

Hunter, who will appear Thursday at the 20th Century Theatre, recently released an album whose title should strike a chord in these recessionary times: Gentlemen, I Neglected to Inform You You Will Not Be Getting Paid.

“Someone I knew had that said to them by someone I'm not going to name," he says. “And I'm not naming names because I need what tiny bit of money I can make in this business."

The album is a throwback in a conspicuous sense: It was recorded directly to tape, in mono, which eased the budget but has other virtues, Hunter says.

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