Cecil Payne Receives "Certificate Of Merit" From New York's Governor Pataki


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On Sunday, July 28th Delmark recording artist Cecil Payne was honored during his performance at one of the “Jammin On The Hudson" concert's held on alternate Sundays in Riverbank State Park, in New York City. Cecil Payne on baritone sax, Bob Cunningham on bass, Dwight Dickerson on piano and Dion Parsons on drums, created their own wave of heat with the “BeBop" agenda of music, some written by Payne himself.

During a short break, Roger Daniels, Special Events Coordinator and creator of the “Jammin on the Hudson" concert series presented the Certificate of Merit, delivered from the Office of New York State Gov. Pataki, to Mr. Payne, followed by hearty applause from the audience! Payne announced, “It seems like my Birthday!"

Cecil Payne will celebrate his 80th Birthday on December 14th of this year.

Cecil Payne has recorded four albums for Delmark Records: Cerupa (Delmark 478), Scotch and Milk (494), Payne's Window (509) and most recently Chic Boom, Live At The Jazz Showcase (529).

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