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Special Memorial Day episode of Songbook Watch Party with host Dominick Farinacci.


Cast your vote! All About Jazz Launches a Series of Annual Polls


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All About Jazz polls have the full integrity of a verified election, so make your voice heard. VOTE and watch the numbers grow as each vote is cast.
All About Jazz, one of the web's top music websites and arbiter of all things jazz has built a polling platform to identify best venues, best festivals, best record labels, top releases, and much more. A fully transparent and 100% verifiable system, All About Jazz polls were designed to give voice to our readers while defining a series of benchmarks for the industry. And with All About Jazz and Jazz Near You's unprecedented reach, each poll will prove to be the most definitive of its kind.

Ground Rules

  • You must register to vote, so sign in or sign up. It's free!
  • Most polls allow you to cast up to five votes (e.g. your five favorite jazz venues).
  • Voting is not restricted to location. You can vote for your favorite venues located anywhere in the world.
  • Once you cast your vote, it's final.
  • Votes cast cannot be altered or duplicated.
  • You can view up-to-the-minute results after you cast your vote.
  • Voting for 2019 Top Jazz Venues closes March 31.
  • The top 100 venues will be notified and receive a “Best of All About Jazz" web award to place on their websites.
The All About Jazz polls are both fun and informative and members can view their polling history by year from their member page under the “Polls" tab.

We're kicking off our polls with the Top 100 Jazz Venues.

Cast Your Vote!

More to come

All About Jazz won't stop at “top 100" polls—we've developed a field of 64 bracket poll in the spirit of NCAA Basketball March Madness (see example) as well as a musician poll where touring/recording artists have crafted the categories.

Note to jazz presenters

If you own or operate a jazz venue, search Jazz Near You for your venue’s page and claim it to become the page owner. All venue pages should be complete (address, phone number, links, etc.) and include a thumbnail image.

Lear more about All About Jazz Polls here.


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