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Business-Oriented Social Networks for Musicians: Gigmor, Aampp, Jammcard


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Business-oriented social networks for musicians are an area I haven't covered in a while. A variety of new networks and platforms are emerging and today I'd like to point you to three business-oriented social networks that are worth knowing about. Gigmor connects musicians with compatible musicians and also uses that matchmaking process to help industry people find compatible musicians. AAMPP adds fans to the industry mix along with a variety of tools including ecommerce. Jammcard is a mobile social network for connecting with others by sharing Jammcards.

Gigmor: LinkedIn for Musicians

In a recent press release Gigmor explained that they use a “proprietary algorithm" that allows musicians to identify compatible musicians. In a unique twist, this algorithm also allows industry people in whatever role to identify musicians compatible with their needs:

“What started as a basic matching site has grown into a full-fledged vertical network that uses a unique formula for musical compatibility. [Founder David] Baird describes it as LinkedIn for musicians — both a directory and a social network."

“He notes, 'Our mission is to inspire musicians to play more music, whatever their playing level. The first step in doing that is to connect them with compatible players and bands in their area.'"

The algorithm takes into account such information as “location, instruments played, genres, playing level, musical goals" to make those matches.

AAMPP: A Revolution for Musicians

AAMPP has a number of features beyond networking with other folks in the industry as well as fans. In speaking with the co-founders I found that their bigger vision includes giving musicians as many tools as they need to conduct business.

AAMPP's iOS app focuses primarily on the social and streaming music aspects of their platform.

The full site offers additional features such as Music Identity described in a recent email as a “complete professional snapshot of each member (think, EPK 2.0)."

A recent email from AAMPP described the company as a “full-on social music network platform; content management system, content aggregator and direct-to-fans ecommerce distributor of music and musical equipment."

It's a lot to take in so check out AAMPP for more.

Jammcard: Building The Music Community

Jammcard has a website but, according to Fast Company, their focus is on their mobile apps for Android and iOS. That might be because Jammcard is organized around sharing profiles (Jammcards) which one is typically going to do while out and about rather than at a desktop.

Founder and CEO Elmo Lovano states:

“Created for the music community by musicians, Jammcard offers its members an easy and effective way to create and share a digital profile..."

“By providing an interactive multimedia platform to showcase music, videos, gig dates, influences, recommendations, and connections, Jammcard provides musicians a way to connect artist to artist. 'It’s what I want to hand to someone when I want to represent myself, and it’s what I want them to hand me,' Elmo says."

Sounds like a great idea. I'm looking to seeing where all three of these networks go.

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