Brazilian Bassist Marcos Milagres Releases His First Album As A Leader


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Street market. Colors, smells, sounds, coming from each place, creating an atmosphere of party and exchange. This is "Feira", the first solo album by Marcos Milagres.
The album is entitled Feira (Portuguese for Street Market). As the name suggests, the music portrays a mix of scents and colors from great Brazilian masters like Hermeto Pascoal, Egberto Gismonti, Antonio Carlos Jobim and its interaction with jazz improvisation and the rhythms and sounds of the American continents.

His electric bass performance is pushed to its boundaries, doing melodies, grooves, harmonies; many times all together, using an arsenal of techniques he has developed over the years. Impressive solos and improvisation are waiting in each corner, performed by himself and several invited “Cats" like Giovanni Figueroa (Mexico), Fernando Acosta (Cuba) and Humberto Mirabelli (Brazil).

Marcos has vast experience as a performer on Bass and Double Bass, having collaborated with great musicians of international stature such as Hermeto Pascoal, Greg Osby, Tom Coster, Paquito D'Rivera, Henry Cole, to name a few. He was born in Rio de Janeiro, Brasil, also lived in Europe and nowadays has his base in Mexico City, a cosmopolitan metropolis where he finds the right ingredients to his music productions. Marcos in now touring and promoting his new album Feira in several venues and festivals with his Trio, being accompanied by the best musicians in Mexico City's jazz scene.

Although the Brazilian heritage is obviously present, the album breathes the winds of all the American continents.

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