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Bill Anschell Will Not Be Playing Christmas Tunes This Friday


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From Bill Anschell:

I'm happy to announce that this Friday, my trio will celebrate the close of yet another joyous holiday season by NOT PLAYING the Charlie Brown Christmas Song!

How many times do you think you heard it this year? How many times do you think I played it? Well, I can tell you: 17 1/2. The half happened when I reached the middle last Friday at exactly 12:10 pm, which happens to be break time on my solo gig. I jumped off the bench, grabbed my coffee, and left a few toddlers crying. What a shame, because I was, frankly, playing the snot out of it, transcending both the song itself and my own blunt musicianship. Which is why I can't wait to play it 17.5 times again next year, starting right where I left off on the day after Thanksgiving. I'll be sure to invite you.

But more to the point, it's not just the Charlie Brown Christmas Song we won't be playing on Friday night, but every one of your holiday favorites! If you've got one you think I haven't thought of, just let me know, and we won't play it either. Instead, it will be my usual Grinchish mix of original compositions and derangements of jazz standards.

So what makes this Friday night special? On the night before New Years Eve, live music venues are usually about as popular as Ross Dress For Less Holiday Fruitcake, which is to say maybe not so much. And what's so great about that? I'll tell you: You could wind up with a semi-private recital; you might even get the coveted seat inches from my left hand. Just be sure not to lean forward if I start to play some stride, because my insurance doesn't cover personal injury.

What else? 7:30-11:30, $15, reservations suggested but certainly not required; all relevant info at

Hope to see you there.


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