Live! Songbook Watch Party with Dominick Farinacci

Special Memorial Day episode of Songbook Watch Party with host Dominick Farinacci.


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A cost-effective way to promote your favorite jazz musician and support your favorite jazz website.

Necessity is the mother...

All About Jazz was built to help jazz artists promote themselves, promote their music and promote their live shows. During this economically challenging time for artists and for organizations like us, it's time to get creative and resourceful. To that end, your friends at AAJ have developed a pay-it-forward program where by making a modest donation, you can help promote a jazz musician, help them sell their music and support All About Jazz in the process.

A Win-Win-Win: In A Nutshell

All About Jazz offers jazz musicians an affordable and highly effective promotional service called Premium Musician Page (for $50) and we'd like to extend this offer to you, our readers. Essentially, you would purchase the service on their behalf and they would benefit from your generosity.

Become a jazz patron! Takes a minute

Whether it's a favorite musician, an unsung hero, an emerging artist or simply a musician friend, click the GET STARTED button to sponsor a musician of your choosing and your friends at AAJ will take it from there: upgrading the musician's professional page from standard to premium, building it out so it looks its absolute best (example), then actively promoting the musician and their page for a full year.

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Premium musician page is a feature-rich service and you can learn about it here.

All About Jazz is home to nearly 115,000 musician pages and you can access the directory here.

Two Sponsored Musician Page Examples

Vocalist Emilia Vancini sponsored the Rickie Lee Jones page and yours truly sponsored the Pat Metheny page.


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