Barry Cleveland Assails Wing Nuts With "Warning" Video Starring The Artist General


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Barry Cleveland's video accompaniment to his avant-metal protest song “Warning," from the critically acclaimed Hologramatron album on MoonJune Records, facilitates a full-frontal assault on the Corporate Media ("Truth is willing but the press is weak"), Big Oil ("Oilygarchs"), the Military Industrial Complex ("Chickenhawk multi-millionaires"), Climate Change deniers ("The North Pole has melted”), and self-righteous hypocrites of all stripes—before soaring into metaphysical exegesis ("That's just how it is, that's how it works: the Universe is HUGE!").

“The Artist General improvised his video performance just as he had improvised his words and vocal performance on my album,” says Cleveland. “He has a lot on his mind, and some seriously provocative and funny stuff poured out of it and into the microphone. He's also probably one of the few people capable of extemporizing to a riff in 11/8 time continuously for 40 minutes. I excerpted the choice stretches and processed each one individually on Hologramatron—and I took the same approach when making and editing the video, which, by the way, was shot with an inexpensive JVC consumer camcorder. The total budget was $12, which was used to purchase materials for a hokey flying saucer sight gag."

Cleveland, who is also an editor at Guitar Player magazine, posted a blog detailing how the video for “Warning" was made here.

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