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AP Project with Arcangelo Pezzella Release 'Out Of The Blue.' Available at Bandcamp.


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And that’s what I love about AP Project: Smooth, beautiful mixes, innovative style and very, very cool grooves. —Jacob Aiden, Jamsphere Magazine
AP Project
Out Of The Blue from AP Project is not an usual jazz record nor it tries to imitate the legendary records that we all know and love.

It is an experiment; a strong effort to find common ground between disparate styles and yet an ode to jazz tradition with a modern vibe. The AP Project has mixed and served a cocktail with almost eight different flavours coming from different traditions in an exquisite manner. When listening to Out Of The Blue, one can “taste" each flavour in its own uniqueness and, at the same time, enjoy the entire mix, in an explosion of music and emotion. Or one could say that it's more like a journey around the world, where the music takes you from one place to another with wonderful twists and turns.

That's the thing: Out Of The Blue represents a different experience for each listener, yet what remains the same is the feeling that all these different sounds, styles and grooves have something in common. Whether it's a melody, a note, or a chord , this record takes you from one style to another in the blink of an eye while creating a link from the previous atmosphere to the next one, throughout its entirety.

On this basis, listening to Out Of The Blue is something worth experiencing, at one's time and pace, especially appealing to the ones looking for an original and open-minded way of exploring jazz sounds and traditions.

For more, visit the AP Project page at All About Jazz.

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