Angela Davis, Max Roach Inspire Paula Hackett's Jazz Poetry CD


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ANGELA DAVIS, MAX ROACH INSPIRE PAULA HACKETT'S POETRY - CD RELEASE: Poetry by Paula Hackett piano improvisation by Rudi Wongozi

Born into a Berkeley family of five published writers, Paula Hackett studied poetry with luminaries such as Angela Davis, John Beecher and Grover Sales at San Francisco State University.

In the early 1980's, saxophonist and Mingus sideman John Handy read some of Paula's poetry and encouraged her and her brother, John Hackett, to put lyrics to his music. Soon the Hackett's were introduced to the legendary musicians Max Roach and Cedar Walton, beginning a long term collaboration and friendship with the two of them that resulted in several CD releases. The Hackett's have also written lyrics for Teddy Edwards, Ivan Lins, Joe Sample, Eddie “Cleanhead" Vinson, and other great composers. (Complete discography at http://www.paulahackett.com )

Paula has recently returned to her poetic roots. On the new CD, ROULETTE, she teams with improv pianist Rudi Wongozi to create a fascinating combination of jazz and poetry.

Ms. Hackett will be reading her poetry at the Jazz School on May 19th along with Michael McLure, Al Young, Steve Dickerson, Rich Silver, and more. The CD is available online and at Bird & Beckett Books in San Francisco.

PERFORMANCE: Sat. May 19th, 2007 8:00 PM / $12.00
Jazzschool / 2087 Addison Street / Berkeley, CA
Jazz In Literature, Photography and Fine Art
For more info contact George Davis at the Jazz School Bookstore: (510) 845-5373.

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