Anastasia Barzee Sets Jazz-Infused Debut for 9/27, Features Steve Wilson on Multiple Tracks


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Acclaimed Singer/Actress Anastasia Barzee Readies Sophisticated Debut CD: 'The Dimming of the Day' is Set for 9/27 on Ghostlight Records

Produced by Matt Pierson with Arrangements by Grammy Award-Winning Gil Goldstein, Contemporary Collection Features an Eclectic Mix of Broadway, Pop and Jazz-Infused Tracks, from Kate Bush to Paul Simon to Jimmy Webb to Randy Newman to Andrew Lloyd Webber to Rufus Wainwright and more

Duet with Brian D'Arcy James is One of Many Highlights; Top Musicians Including Steve Wilson and Larry Campbell Add to the Album's Power and Pedigree

On her sophisticated, sweeping debut CD, 'The Dimming of the Day,' acclaimed singer/actress Anastasia Barzee reimagines an eclectic range of Broadway, pop and jazz- infused songs, and showcases a diverse array of her favorite contemporary artists including Paul Simon, Rufus Wainwright, Randy Newman, Kate Bush, Andrew Lloyd Webber and many more. A full track listing follows.

Barzee puts the project in context: “I wanted to sing songs I have a real connection to. Songs that have moved me—made me think about loss, regret, abandonment, and ultimately finding joy. Essentially, tell the story of what love really is—with all its pain and promise. These are songs I could not have truly understood in my twenties. I also wanted my album to be musically interesting. I didn't want ordinary arrangements of songs we've all heard a million times. I wanted to look at the music fresh."

'The Dimming of the Day,' set for September 27th release on Ghostlight Records, was Produced by Matt Pierson and Arranged by Gil Goldstein, and the pedigree is evident throughout the album, which also showcases such fine artists as Steve Wilson on saxophone, Larry Campbell on guitar and more. John Patrick Shanley provides the liner notes, as seen below.

“Matt Pierson understood what I wanted to do and I felt immediately we were on the same page. He teamed me up with Gil Goldstein. How incredible is that? I mean COME ON! Gil Goldstein! Gil was amazing and we bonded hard from the first meeting. We shared a pork sandwich and were on our way to what has become a very special friendship."

Album highlights include the Richard Johnson title track, reinterpreted as a duet with Barzee's 'White Christmas' co-star Brian D'Arcy James, and, on 'Nothing Like You've Ever Known' (music by Andrew Lloyd Webber and lyrics by Don Black,) listeners are treated to accordion accompaniment by none other than Gil Goldstein! 'All I Know' by Jimmy Webb is given a soaring 'Country' treatment, and multiple tracks take on a jazz vibe thanks to Steve Wilson's soulful saxophone contributions.

Track Listing and credits: Anastasia Barzee's 'The Dimming of the Day'
  1. The Man with the Child in His Eyes (Kate Bush)
  2. Summer Me, Winter Me (Bergman/Bergman/LeGrand)
  3. Lilac Wine (James Shelton)
  4. Dinner at Eight (Rufus Wainwright)
  5. The Dimming of the Day (Richard Thomspon)
  6. Company (Jones/Johnson)
  7. American Tune (Paul Simon)
  8. Nothing Like You've Ever Known (Black/Lloyd Webber)
  9. Feels Like Home (Randy Newman)
  10. Don't Go to Strangers (Kent/Mann/Evans)
  11. All I Know (Jimmy Webb)
  12. Terrible Things (April Smith)
  13. April Moon (Robert Lee/Leon Ko) (bonus)

Anastasia Barzee: vocals
Gil Goldstein: piano, Fender Rhodes, accordion, arranger
Larry Campbell: guitars
Larry Grenadier: bass
Kendrick Scott: drums
Bashiri Johnson: percussion
Lois Martin, Louise Schulman: violas
Jody Redhage, Maria Jeffers: celli
Steve Wilson: saxophone on 1, 2, 10
Greg Gisbert: trumpet on 12 Brian D'Arcy James: vocal on 5

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