Amnesiac Quartet Joins ARC Roster


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The Paris, France-based contemporary jazz ensemble, Amnesiac Quartet has joined the roster of the Artists Recording Collective (ARC). Both entities anticipate a productive and positive relationship and business association.

About Amnesiac Quartet

Established in 2006 by Sébastien PAINDESTRE, AMNESIAC QUARTET is the only Jazz group dedicated solely to the music of RADIOHEAD. Apart from being one of the most influential and renowned bands today, Thom YORKE's group achieved, not intentionnally, to build a bridge between the so-called popular music and Seventies' Progressive rock. It was obvious then, for young jazz musicians inspired by the latter, to pay their own tribute. All used to big stages and the jazz French music scene, those four talented musicians are (Or were) members of RIGOLUS, JEAN-LOUIS or SURNATURAL ORCHESTRA, like drummer Antoine PAGANOTTI (MAGMA).

About the Artists Recording Collective

ARTISTS RECORDING COLLECTIVE (ARC) is an internationally recognized brand and professional recording label that emphasizes promoting and facilitating the distribution and utilization of the works created by our members. Based in the Kansas City metropolitan area with its main office located in the City of Leavenworth, Kansas, ARC serves artists-producers and boutique record labels who require a dynamic and multi-dimensional platform to present their works and services in an environment that is not under compulsion or creative restraint.

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