Americana Artist Shows Humorous Side On New Video


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Agnes Ingarra
It was merely three years ago that indie-folk artist Agnes Ingarra decided to enter the fitness world. She lost nearly 40 pounds and won fifth place at the Washington State Iron Man in 2011. Since then, Ingarra has used YouTube to offer advice and inspiration to everyone who is having difficulties getting in shape; with her engaging personality and witty lines, Ingarra has taken what many feel to be an impossible task into a realistic and, perhaps more importantly, fun goal.

Ingarra has just released a new YouTube installment, “I’m Not Fat,” wherein she narrates her recent experiences of diet fail with good-natured humor, utilizing subtitles as hilarious punch lines that reveal the real truth. “I gained weight to show you guys how to lose weight,” she claims in of the episode’s funniest confessions. By doing so, Ingarra becomes even more relatable to those who find exercise and dieting to be intimidating. Ingarra takes away the myth that bodybuilders never have problems with weight gain; she becomes the perfect role model for anybody who thinks that dieting is only for a select few.

As the holidays continue to pour on unwanted calories, even bodybuilders can struggle with adding on too much weight. However, not many of them admit to it, preferring to keep the illusion of an all-year fitness discipline. For a Max Muscle-sponsored athlete like Ingarra, honesty about dieting is essential in teaching others how to become or stay slim.

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