All About Jazz's Premium Musician Page Service improves again


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All About Jazz completed its final round of Premium Musician Page Service improvements in 2019, adding a new “Featured Musicians" section to the home page to further showcase premium customers. Sample screen shot...

For a detailed list of premium musician page features, go here. The promotional service will see a modest rate increase in 2020.

View your standard page as premium

If you're a musician and have a professional page at All About Jazz, you can preview your premium page by:

  • Signing in or signing up;
  • Going to your page;
  • Clicking the green “Upgrade" button;
  • Clicking the green “Preview" button.
Find your page then preview it as premium. You may need to claim ownership of your page. Once approved, you can update your page and preview the premium version.

View Sample Premium Pages

Upgrade to Premium

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