All About Jazz Relaunches RSS feed and Content Widget Service


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All About Jazz has added new RSS feeds and new content widgets while improving their existing collection for use on websites, blogs, and social media pages.

If you're looking to share up-to-the-minute jazz content on your website, blog, Facebook page or Twitter page, then consider the All About Jazz / Jazz Near You collection of widgets and feeds.

“We offer 15 dynamic content widgets ranging from our popular Download of the Day to a local events calendar," stated Michael Ricci, All About Jazz founder. “Presenting content that changes regularly adds value to a website and helps create stickiness with readers... and adding AAJ content to your website is simply a matter of copying and pasting a single line of code."

Users can also share AAJ content on their social media pages. For instance, All About Jazz pushes its daily articles, its photo of the day, and its download of the day to its Facebook page, and Twitter page, and an easy-to-use tool like Twitterfeed makes this possible.

To access our All About Jazz and Jazz Near You content widgets, go here. To access our All About Jazz and Jazz Near You RSS feeds, go here.


Check out this example where we present seven widgets and two feeds in the right column. We also placed a few widgets in the right column at forums.allaboutjazz.com.

Enjoy, and share!

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