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About All About Jazz's Premium Musician Profile Service


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All About Jazz continues to support the careers of jazz musicians with a service focused on promoting events, selling music, saving time, and driving traffic.
All About Jazz has expanded its musician profile service to two tiers: standard (free) and premium ($30/year).

To Date...

Home to nearly 100,000 musician profiles, All About Jazz boasts the largest jazz musician database on the internet. A musician is free to claim or create their profile page and update it at any time. A musician profile page, which serves as an EPK (electronic press kit), can be supported by several editors much like a Wikipedia bio page.

Enter the premium service!

The good news is the standard profile service will remain free. Even better news is our new premium service is affordable and designed to maximize a musician's visibility, promote their upcoming events, sell their music, and drive traffic.

For only $25/year, a musician can upgrade to the premium service and fully leverage the Internet's most technically advanced jazz platform while reaching the largest collection of international jazz fans, enthusiasts, concert goers, industry professionals and influencers on the internet.

Impressive, but what do I get for my 30 bucks?

Our goal was to make this service affordable to all and to have it pay for itself in the form of ticket sales, music sales, time savings, and referral traffic over the course of a year.

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Promoting you and your page: How it's done

We maximum exposure by highlighting your profile on the top of the and throughout the website. All premium profiles can be viewed from the “view by" option also located on Prime placement will drive more traffic to your profile page where readers can view your discography and purchase your music, view your calendar and purchase tickets, watch videos, view photos, learn more about you, and generate clicks to your website, Facebook page, Twitter page, and your Instagram page.

A premium page that doubles as an EPK

  • The premium musician profile page was carefully designed, optimized, and free of Google ads. Ad-free means a faster loading and uncluttered page that is 100% focused on you, your music, and your activities.
  • Premium customers can determine where they sell their music by overriding the default “BUY" button (at Amazon) location by linking to their website, a Bandcamp page, a CD Baby page, an iTunes page, etc. The discography page also reflects your override links. In addition to overriding the BUY button's hotlink, customers can embed a Bandcamp store, embed a Spotify playlist, and embed a Soundcloud player.
  • Major time saver! If you upload your events to Facebook then All About Jazz can auto import them into your Jazz Near You calendar.
  • We actively help you secure gigs with a “BOOK ME" button.
  • Drive traffic to your Twitter page and boost your following by embedding your Twitter timeline.
  • Double your videos! Increase your video count from 6 to 12 and get a new video page in the process.
  • Statistics. Track your page views, rank and followers.
  • Link link up to 12 external articles, reviews, etc.
  • Contact your fans! Build your fan base then contact them through All About Jazz's internal messaging service. Let them know you have a new release, a special project, or a tour.
  • With all eyes on your profile page, it can double as an up-to-the-minute electronic press kit. We include all promotional assets found in an EPK plus your events calendar.
  • And last but not least, you receive tech support. Need help with your premium page? Want to learn more about maximizing your exposure and driving traffic to your website? Receive expert and timely advice from your friends at All About Jazz.
Sound good?

Get started by upgrading to the premium musician profile today.

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