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Do you entertain your jazz and non-jazz-loving friends with wild stories of life on the road, or a fellow band member you were forced to spend some time with? That moment when you met one of your jazz heroes? When you first gigged, or got to play with a great band? What's the worst gig you ever had to do and why? What have you learned from your experiences as musician? Have you been surprised to learn that something that seems so personal to you is something others have experienced too? Emily Remler once said she got so fed up with male band leaders hitting on her she decided to play at all girl festivals for a while, only to have lesbians hit on her instead. What kind of experiences have you you had learning and playing jazz? If so, we want to hear the stories you tell your fellow musicians when you're kicking back.

We're looking for stories for our The Jazz Life column and if you have one to tell, please email Peter Rubie at peter.m.rubie@gmail.com with your story idea. Don't worry if you're not sure if your writing skills are quite up to it. Send him the idea anyway. Peter will help you polish it if he decides to use it in the column. Caption your email, Jazz Life Story Idea. Essays are about 1,000 words or so. They take an event or circumstance, tell the story of it, and then mention why it's so important or meaningful to you. This is usually about how it helped you see something or changed you as a musician. But it could just be something interesting that happened that others often enjoy hearing when we tell each other stories. A clue to if it's interesting might be when we start a story with, “Do you remember the time . . . ?"

About The Jazz Life

The Jazz Life is a monthly column by Peter Rubie and guest musicians that aims to be a different take on how we write and read about jazz–stories of individual experiences, funny, sad, maddening and profound. A community talking to itself about what’s really important, or at least interesting to its readers.

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