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All About Jazz Improves Website Navigation with Powerful New Search


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All About Jazz and Jazz Near You, home to nearly one million web pages, has expanded its search capabilities to improve web site navigation, promote music discovery, and help readers find pages they value most.

Navigation Bar Changes

  • Clicking “all about jazz" returns you to the homepage;
  • The search button was moved from the far left to the far right;
  • The navigation bar locks in place when scrolling down.
If signed in, members will see a gear icon to the right of the search icon. Clicking the gear will invoke the same overlay screen but with additional “members only" options.

Click your browser's refresh button if your navigation bar does not look like the one above.

Search Changes includes Relevant Links

We've combined the power of our database search with convenient access to relevant links to improve content discovery. Signing up or signing in will provide full access to every feature we offer across our two websites.

Do you value this improvement? If so, please make a contribution to All About Jazz to support future expansion/improvement efforts.


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