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Album of the Week: Provinciano by Fernando Huergo


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Fernando Huergo
Sunnyside Records

When one piece of a nations music reaches popularity among a worldwide audience, it forever becomes emblematic of that countrys music scene. Although its truly nave to believe that even a small country could focus upon only one style of music, most listeners dont look beyond their one piece of knowledge associated with that country. The general listener cant take all the blame though; theyve only been exposed to commercially successful music. In many cases, the commercial versions of these styles dont completely reflect the authentic performances of these styles; they mix easily digestible pieces of pop music with an exotic edge. Jazz musicians have been victims of the same issue, incorporating popular styles from countries such as Brazil and Cuba, while they miss the inherent possibilities in lesser known genres and folkloric traditions. Most listeners closely tie tango to Argentina, once again overlooking a wealth of music history from a country rich with musical treasures. Bassist and composer Fernando Huergo examines a wide spectrum of Argentinean music through a jazz perspective on Provinciano, developing an artistic vision that authentically encompasses the depth of both influences.

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