Alaadeen Endorses Alexander Superial Reeds


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Kansas City USA -- Alaadeen officially endorses Alexander Superial Reeds: “After 50 years of performing in a diverse range of situations on both tenor and soprano saxophones, the Alexander Superial DC reeds are by far the best I have found to date. Following the clear and concise break-in recommendations that come with each box of reeds, I have found my reed concerns solved in most all aspects. The discriminating factors that I have found with Tom Alexander's reeds that place them above other manufactured brands are impeccable intonation, free and even blowing in all registers, and longevity. I recommend these reeds without hesitation to both professional peers and my advanced students alike," states the Kansas City based artist.

Over a professional career that now spans more than 5 decades, Alaadeen has remained on the creative path of continual development of his artistry. He is one of the few active performers today, who was actually alive and performing during the golden era of modern jazz that is often so celebrated by younger artists today. He is indeed one of the roots among those in the modern jazz tree, but his work is not locked into past eras of the music.

Tom Alexander, the inventor of the Alexander Superial Reeds, adds: “Alaadeen is a real Kansas City legend, having started his career at the age 14(!) after studying with Leo Davis, a teacher of Charlie Parker. He has performed with the likes of Billie Holiday, Miles Davis, Jay McShann, Ella Fitzgerald, The Count Basie Orchestra, The Duke Ellington Orchestra, Eddie “Cleanhead" Vinson, and Motown stars Gladys Knight, Smokey Robinson, The Temptations and Sam Cooke. He has also been honored with no less than the US CONGRESSIONAL AWARD, the MISSOURI GOVERNOR'S AWARD, the Jazz Heritage Award, the Missouri Humanities Council's Community Heritage Award and the Missouri Arts Award. We are honored to have this musical cultural treasure Mr. Alaadeen become a Friend of Superial."

Alaadeen has been busy performing music from his much-anticipated and critically acclaimed new release titled: New Africa Suite ('ASR Records - ASR3001), which is now available at retailers worldwide and distributed internationally. Renowned international jazz star, Bobby Watson calls this release: Alaadeen's most important to date... and; jazz reviewer, Marc Meyers of All About Jazz states: Alaadeen deserves much wider recogniton. New Africa Suite is highly recommended.

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