Adventures In Musical Time Travel


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Anagrams is an eBook by Alan Bryson that grew out of his experiences interviewing musicians. Musicians and music lovers appear to share a universal fantasy about going back in time, but you can only take a daydream so far. So he decided to write the story of a fictitious character, Nathan Ballew, a baby boomer who has a brush with death in 2013 and suddenly finds himself back in the year 1962 with his memory intact. There is, however, one major complication—he's trapped in the body of an 11-year-old.

Jazz is an art form that can take care of itself, so Nathan sets his sights on popular music, and discovers an ordinary person with foreknowledge can achieve some extraordinary things. You've probably thought about something like this yourself, so if you would like to escape for a while to the 60s and follow Nathan on his romp through the past, you can read some sample chapters online here.




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