Adam de Lucia's Five New Singles Available Under "The Tektonics" on iTunes


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Hi-Bred Productions would like to extend a warm greeting and tell you that our 5 singles are available to purchase in the iTunes store.

The music by Adam De Lucia was released under the band name “The Tektonics." The name is a portmanteau of “technology," or Tek (a marketing contrivance), and “tonic"—literally tones, or “notes."

These 5 singles blend influences from Jimi Hendrix to Morcheeba, The Mahavishnu Orchestra to Neil Young, The Offspring to Autechre, etc.

Indeed, we are mixing live performance with MIDI programming in an ultramodern approach to musical production. All of the songs feature long passages, even whole songs where at least one instrument is electronic. However, it is all grounded in genuine songwriting and authentic human performance. This is not a “loops" album! We have gone to great lengths to program the software instruments note-by-note. We paid attention to the subtleties of the dynamics and the production of the instrument sounds, as well as core aesthetics like melody, harmony and rhythm.

It tickles us to present you with this selection of songs, which you can find by searching The Tektonics on iTunes. We have made it our objective to create passages of electronic music that blend indiscernible to the listener with the live instruments. The music has a good feel. And we find the combination of live instrumentation with programming technology to be exciting!

One of the players on the single Cycle Plus One is Chris Tarry, one of the top-most, commercially successful Jazz musicians from Canada. We have worked with him to our great satisfaction, and offer our most gracious thanks to him for his effort.

Here are links to each of the song at the iTunes store:

1. CP1 (with CT)

1. 4 a.m.
2. 96 Heart Beats Per Minute

1. The Far Groove
2. The Theme (Virtue)

With these releases, we have achieved the effect that we are going for. We at Hi-Bred Productions believe this music presences a process of production with artistic relevance in the 21st century. You will not be disappointed.

We plan to complete the Simulacrum LP by the end of this year, and are working hard to deliver it to you on deadline. Please bear with us as it is demanding to care for this as well as all of the aspects of distribution, marketing and branding with a small team. We trust that you understand.




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