Across the East - Rodrigo Rodriguez


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"Across the East" is the second album, the pieces on the present recording are thrilling and profoundly musical KZN release by the Spanish composer.

The album brings to a conclusion through three years of intensive work where Rodrigo was recording in the different studios, in Spain and Japan.

Solo guitars, kena, clarinets, duets for shakuhachi flute and steel guitar, and pieces where Rodrigo has used for the first time the sheng (mouth organ) consisting essentially of vertical pipes,one of the oldest varieties of Chinese instruments.It first apears in 551 BC during the Zhou Dynasty (1111 to 222 BC.)

Also the rare African thumb piano samsula similar to kalimba and the exotic instruments from Indonesia the Gamelan (bonang, saron, kenong.)

The fujara, a large folk shepherd's fipple flute of unique design, originating from Slovakia in a unique and emotional solo.

In addition, Rodrigo brings to the “Across the East" the originality and minimalism using the case of a guitar like a percussion in Spanish influenced rhythm

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