About the Jazz Press Release Distribution Service!

Leverage All About Jazz and Jazz Near You's extensive readership, searchable archive, RSS feed deployment, and optimal search engine placement to reach your target market.

Amplify Your Message and Create Buzz

We'll give your press release maximum exposure

  • Generate high volume page views.
  • Facilitate ticket or album sales.
  • Drive outbound traffic.
  • Track page views / measure results.

Each announcement is:

  • presented on the All About Jazz home page and on the news center page;
  • posted to the All About Jazz Facebook page and Twitter page;
  • distributed to other websites and blogs via our RSS feed and news widget;
  • archived and searchable via Google and All About Jazz;
  • easily sharable on social media;
  • fully integrated with a musician profile page and a publicity firm listing page;
  • eligible for the Trending news box.

Each announcement supports:

  • artwork;
  • a video;
  • a Soundcloud player;
  • a press quote;
  • two publicity firm listing links;
  • two retail links including the Amazon store box.


A posting credit is US$10 and can be purchased in denominations of 1, 6, 12, 24 or 48.

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