A Touch of Noir & Shades of Jazz on Noir Film-Concert Series


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A Touch of Noir brings about a new music approach to classic film noir history correcting the disembodiment that existed in the original scores, making a dark and ominous dramatic effect. The improvisers will combine blues and swing and some written excerpts with the film “A Touch of Noir” simultaneously. The effect of this live performance will instantly create a score for the film and two separate media experiences or one total experience together. This film has been performed in Europe (Luxembourg, Netherlands) and USA (New York, Massachusetts, Connecticut, Maryland). Film noir and spontaneous music convey an interesting analysis on life’s improvisations. Film by Ana Isabel Ordonez and Francois Olivieri. Music composed by Michiel Braam.Narrated by Herb Robertson. Performed by Herb Robertson Bad City Band

The Shades of Jazz on Noir film presents excerpts from the classic film noir works of the 1940s and 1950s crafted to express the fatality, passion, and danger created by directors who pioneered the lively lighting techniques and psychologically expressive approach to classic noir. It is viewed from the Femme Fatale of those classics creating a fresh and unusual media experience. This film combines the passion and despondency of classic film noir with the texture and dynamism of modern jazz, resulting in a unique, growth oriented experience for film, jazz and new music audiences. Film by Ana Isabel Ordonez. Narrated by Yoon Sun Choi. Music composed by Herb Robertson. This highly original project features the Herb Robertson Freak Lip Kill Band who will literally plate Jazz on Noir.

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