A Dixieland Song Just Waiting For The Right Band


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George Wells
Huntsville, AL: Long time songwriter, George Wells, has written an exciting Dixieland song that tells how sweet the world seems when you are looking through chocolate covered glasses

I have just finished a demo on my brand new idea, “Chocolate Covered Glasses.” Well, what’s so exciting about that? At age 84 and writing songs for more than 52 years, why would one song out of the thousands written, have an effect on me. Well, I have never written a Dixieland song. Born in 1930, I obliviously have been through a lot of genres. But for some reason the idea for a dixieland song came to me along with the idea of chocolate covered glasses. Before the song was finished, I wanted a logo, so I hired a company in North Carolina to develop one.

After the logo, I wanted a special character to represent chocolate so I am currently have a character created and his name is Choco, The Happy One. He will be on a “chocolate brick road” In one hand he holds the American flag and in the other hand there is a sign saying, “Eat More Chocolate.”

I thought a children’s book would be a good idea. So I have a copyright on my first draft entitled: “Sophia and the Chocolate Covered Glasses. Sophia, 11 years old, is unhappy with all the bad going on around her. With a child-like idea she finds a way to put chocolate on glasses giving everyone a better, sweeter view of the world.

Then I went back and finished the first draft of the song. While browsing the internet, I stumbled across a lady here in Huntsville, Al, who had the ideal voice for my demo. I sent her an email and the subject of the email was, “You Have the Voice That Will Fit My Song.” She agreed, brought along her keyboard man, and the final song was finished.

Is the idea fresh and exciting? My research shows that there is not a title used by the three main organizations that register new songs. This means that of the 22 million total songs and more than 83 years of existence, the title has never been used.

Now comes the hard and difficult tasks. I need a Dixieland band to record the song. I am working on a promotional project to present to both chocolate and sun glass manufactures. I am hoping they can see the potential that my project, Chocolate Covered Glasses’ can bring to their business. If you need more information contact george@fthmusic.com

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