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20 Of the Worst Band Names Ever


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Naming a new band can be tricky. After all, it needs to convey so much in just a few words, and you're stuck with it forever. Twitter account @pisspoorbands curates an ever growing list of horrible band names both real and imagined. Here. in no particular order, are 20 of the worst:

  1. Craig and His List
  2. Menstrual Pancake
  3. Wooden Juicebox
  4. The Punted Child
  5. Justin Thyme
  6. Like a Brown Nail
  7. The Coolest Spandex
  8. The Semi-Solids
  9. Beware of Hotdog
  10. Cumbersome Horse Pill
  11. Leaving Large Puddles
  12. Assfault
  13. It Takes Two to Mango
  14. Fish Hickey
  15. Duncan & The Donuts
  16. Comb Out The Crumbs
  17. Tim Buck, Too
  18. When Erosion Happens
  19. Prison Dating
  20. Suburban Brad and the Pitts

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