|**| (Gate) - "No Exit" - Experimental Solo Improvisation - CD Release


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|**| (pronounced 'gate')'s debut CD, no exit, will be released by Fluttery Records on November 15. || is a Tokyo-based experiment in solo improvisation on multiple instruments simultaneously, some of which are built especially for this or for similar projects.

Instruments used include an electric four-string instrument named 'sousen' () with one low B bass string, 3 strings made of whatever metal wire available, and with an earth contact for clicks and buzzes; a converted radio; an electric morin khuur (Mongolian string instrument played with a bow); and--more conventionally--an electric guitar and an electric 7-string bass. Instruments used change per session. Besides these instruments, between two and eight effect pedals are used - most importantly, a delay for the sousen to create rhythms and a pitch shifter for the radio. All sessions are recorded as single track MP3 files, and except for some fade-in and/or fade-out, no changes are made in post production.

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